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Zero-Leak Gold Difference

All Zero-Leak Gold products provide a primary metal-to-metal seal with an elastomeric secondary seal.

Zero-Leak Gold Products

The ZLG SAE & Metric style fittings are interchangeable with their straight thread, O-ring boss counterparts.

Technical Information

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ZLG plugs come in various sizes,
configurations, and materials.
Find the right plug for your application.

EPCO has been supplying the Zero-Leak Gold family of plugs, fitting and banjos for an extensive cross section of fluid power applications.

The Zero-Leak Gold fittings are available in SAE J514 and Metric ISO 6149 configurations.

The list of industries relying on Zero-Leak Gold fitting is extensive and ever expanding. A few examples would include hydraulic manifolds, pumps, gear box, accumulators, cylinders, actuators, diesel engine oil pan plugs, automotive / truck / heavy truck transmission plugs, brake systems of all kinds – Off Highway forestry fluid systems –Offshore and deep sea drilling and marine – Military and Aerospace.

Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs and Fittings Application Examples

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