EPCO Products, Inc. is the global leader in providing Zero-Leak Gold technology for various plug applications around the world. EPCO excels in on-time shipping and availability. EPCO’s Zero-Leak Gold Plugs are recognized for exceeding the expectations of its customers every day. EPCO utilizes state of the art technology and equipment for its inspection efforts. The inspection process includes final dimensional accuracy, aesthetics, packaging and delivery.

EPCO utilizes the Keyence measurement systems  and Resec Systems, LLC’s  ShadowGage Sorters to ensure superior quality. Both systems provide innovative, effective and practical tools to optimize our various processes and in the end improve quality for our customers around the world.

EPCO has established and maintains a registered quality program as a means of ensuring that its requirements are met or exceeded. Quality system processes have been developed, documented and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. EPCO has been ISO registered since 2002.

Click here to view EPCO’s ISO 9001:2015  credentials or download the certificate.

All Zero-Leak Gold Plugs and Banjo Fittings are Made in the USA.

Material / Plating / O-Ring Certs are available upon request.

equipment used to ensure quality

Service & Support

Kan Ban Inventory – EPCO utilizes the Pull Method of manufacturing to maintain adequate inventories of standard, stock ZLGP’s to support customer production timelines.

No Minimum Order Requirements (MOQ’s) when ordering EPCO’s standard stock items – no need to order unneeded amounts of inventory. Order what is needed when it is needed for production.

Blanket Orders with release dates are also accepted.

Optional Carton Quantities available for ordering/ shipping/receiving convenience. Click to view the carton quantities.

equipment used to ensure quality