Component: Oil Pan Drain Plug
Product: Oil Pan
Case Number: 1028
Plugs Backing Out
Use Description
Diesel engine manufacturer was experiencing their SAE (J514) straight thread plugs were backing out in use and causing leaks. This was a serious problem with engines supplied to the marine industry. The leaking fluids presented a high degree of exposure to environmental impact liability.
The manufacturer installed 22S-S05 non-magnet socket head Zero-Leak Gold plugs.
Elimination of oil pan leaks due to plugs backing out.
This particular manufacturer uses the non-magnet style ZLGP, while others use a socket head ZLGP with a flush-mounted magnet to remove metal particles from the system. The ZLGP is ideal for this application because its two seals don't leak, it doesn't require a chemical sealant, and it can be removed and installed repeatedly without damage to the O-ring or to the threads of the ZLGP or port. The magnet style is available in all standard socket and hex head ZLGPs.