Here's why Zero-Leak Gold® don't leak

Every Zero-Leak Gold Plug has 2 seals to guarantee leak-free performance –even during vibration, pressure spikes or other circumstances where old-style, O-ring only straight thread ORB plugs may fail. Zero-Leak Gold Plugs can be removed and resealed repeatedly without loss of effectiveness nor without damaging the threads of the plugs nor ports. Zero-Leak Gold Plugs are available in SAE and Metric sizes as well as in magnet styles. Zero-Leak Gold Plugs are fully interchangeable with their straight thread, O-ring only, ORB counterparts.

Problems with Standard O-ring Boss Plugs

  • No Back-up seal
  • Poor resistance to vibration and may back out
  • High assembly torques required may strip threads of plugs and ports
  • Plugs can work loose in service
  • Temperature changes and pressure spikes can cause plugs to back out and leak
  • May require chemical sealants or tape

Zero-Leak Gold Plug Performance Attributes

  • Separate seals (metal-to-metal and O-ring) work independently of each other and provide a primary and backup no-leak connection in all applications
  • Exceptionally effective in vibration, temperature variation and pressure spike situations
  • Geometry of the taper provides optimum gap minimization
  • Tapered metal-metal seal provides exceptionally high unit loading at the
    interface of the plug and port
  • Zero-Leak seal using low assembly torques
  • ZLG Plugs can reseal repeatedly without loss of effectiveness
  • No chemical sealants or tape required

The Zero-Leak Gold Difference

"Virtually Leak Free"


Guaranteed Leak Free*


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  • Zero-Leak Gold Plugs are available in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Metric and SAE
  • Available in SAE sizes -00 to -32 and many Metric sizes
  • Interchangeable with plugs used in
    J1926 / ISO 6149 Ports