O-ring Expected Shelf Life

O-ring 'shelf-life' is the estimated period from the date of cure to the date installed that O-rings will retain physical properties conforming to the specifications. The shelf lives shown below assume normal storage conditions, with minimal exposure to sunlight, ozone, chemicals and extremes of temperature.

Polymer Name Chemical Name Shelf Life (years)
Aflas Fluorocarbon Propylene 20
Butyl Rubber Isoprene/Isobutylene 10
Carboxy Nitrile Carboxylated Nitrile 10
EPDM Ethylene/Propylene/Dienne 10
Fluorosilicone Fluorinated Polysiloxane 20
Hydrin Epichlorohydrin 10
Hypalon Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene 10
Natural Rubber Natural, Hevea 3
Neoprene Polychloroprene 10
Nitrile Butadienne/Acrylonitrile 10
Saturated Nitrile HSN 10
Silicone Polysiloxane 20
Thiokol Polysulfide 20
Urethane (ester) Polyurethane 5
Urethane (ether) Polyurethane 10
Vamac Polyetheracrylate 20
Viton / Fluorel Fluorocarbon 20

Source: MIL – HDBK – 695         Last Updated: 08/08/2013