Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs

Zero-Leak Gold Port Entry Plugs

The name, and the guarantee, say it all. Zero-Leak Gold Plugs provide dependable no-leak protection in all SAE J1926 straight and ISO 6149 metric thread port entry applications.

EPCO's Zero-Leak Gold Plugs utilize a multi-seal technology to provide a primary metal-to-metal seal with an independent elastomeric back-up seal. This combination of seals and geometry of the design make Zero-Leak Gold the most reliable and cost-effective port entry plug in existence today.

Available in hexagon and socket head style. They are interchangeable with plugs used in SAE J1926 standard ports and the metric styles are interchangeable with metric plugs used in ISO 6149 standard ports.

Comparison of Zero-Leak Gold to SAE J514 / Metric ISO 6149
Straight Thread Plugs

Problems with Standard Plugs

  • Poor resistance to vibration
  • High assembly torques that are required may strip threads
  • Plugs can work loose in service
  • Temperature changes and pressure spikes can cause plugs to leak
  • May require chemical sealants
  • O-rings may be damaged, lost, or extruded out of the port

Benefits of Zero-Leak Gold Plugs

  • Zero-Leak Gold port plugs are interchangeable with standard straight thread port entry plugs
  • Won't back out
  • Separate seals—metal-to-metal and elastomeric—provide no-weep, no-leak connections in all applications
  • Allows for wide range of effective assembly torques
  • Plugs can be resealed repeatedly without loss of effectiveness
  • Effective in vibration, temperature variation, and pressure spike situations
  • High unit loading
  • Maximum gap minimization is achieved by optimal application of the geometric principle of the taper
  • Compute your savings

Zero-Leak Gold Plugs Application Examples.