Zero-Leak Gold® Magnetic Plugs

Zero-Leak Gold Plugs with Magnets

EPCO has found a way to improve on its Zero-Leak Gold Plugs. Actually, it’s more of a product expansion rather than improvement. You now have the option of ZLGP with magnets that remove metal particles in fluid systems allowing for cleaner, more efficient operations. Zero-Leak Gold Magnetic Plugs are available in all SAE and metric ISO sizes, and in both socket and hex head styles. All provide zero leak performance.

Zero-Leak Gold Magnetic Plug Advantages

Zero-Leak Gold Magnetic Plugs offer a number of advantages over SAE or ISO metric straight thread plugs.

  • Able to be resealed repeatedly without loss of effectiveness
  • Resealing will not damage plug or port threads
  • No chemical sealants required, eliminating risk of fluid contamination during removal and reinsertion
  • Guaranteed not to leak or back out, even in vibration, temperature change and pressure spike situations

Zero-Leak Gold Magnetic Plug Uses

Zero-Leak Gold Magnetic Plugs are configured to replace the old style, O-ring only straight thread fill and drain plugs used in many transmissions and gear boxes today.

  • Heavy duty truck transmissions
  • Gear boxes
  • Other OEM applications
  • Custom configured models available for unique applications

Zero-Leak Gold Magnetic Plugs Application Examples.