Zero-Leak Gold® Banjo Fittings

Multiple seals distinguish the Zero-Leak Gold Banjo Fitting from traditional washer dependent Banjo fittings. Two separate and independent seals form a double redundant sealing system. A primary metal-to-metal seal works in conjunction with an elastomeric back-up seal to create a zero-leak connection.

Problems with standard Washer Dependent banjo fittings:

  • Attempting a seal with sealing washers is difficult, and it's virtually impossible to reseal reliably.
  • Poor resistance to vibration.
  • High assembly torque is required, possibly resulting in stripped threads and tensile failure of bolts.
  • Components require fine surface finishes on port faces and banjo seats.
  • Flow characteristics are obtained through the difficult and expensive process of
    recessing bodies.
  • Washers may fall off and can be difficult to handle during assembly.

ZLG Banjo Fittings Benefits:

A: Metal-to-metal primary seals
B: Elastomeric back-up seals

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  • Separate seals provide protection against weeps and leaks.
  • Can be designed for custom ports as well as standard SAE and ISO ports.
  • Significant cost reductions in most applications.
  • Wide range of assembled torque values.
  • Reseal repeatedly.
  • Withstands vibration, temperature variation and
    pressure spikes.
  • No copper or other material washers required.
  • No chemical sealants required.

Zero-Leak Gold Banjo Fittings Application Examples.

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