Component: Manifolds
Case Number: 1069
SAE plugs backed out of the manifold and caused leaks.
Use Description
Aluminum manifolds were used in the system, and the manifolds were installed in hard to reach areas for service or repair. The SAE straight thread plugs backed out due to vibration and pressure spikes. The resulting leaking was not acceptable and the repair process was costly. The repairs were only temporary since once the interface leaked, it had a tendency to repeat the process later.
When the manifold producer was informed of the problem they contacted EPCO and asked that some Zero-Leak Gold plugs be sent to their customer to solve the problem. Since Zero-Leak Gold plugs are interchangeable with SAE J514 style plugs, it was a simple matter to take out the SAE plugs that had leaked and replace them with Zero-Leak Gold plugs.
The leak problem was solved and the manifold producer began installing Zero-Leak Gold plugs in their manifolds.
One other major customer of that manifold company liked the performance of the Zero-Leak Gold Plugs so well that it referred two of its other hydraulic component suppliers to EPCO so they could supply their products to it with the Zero-Leak Gold Plugs installed.