Component: Valve, Hydraulic
Product: Hydraulic Valve
Case Number: 1039
The hydraulic valves supplied to the manufacturer of lawn care/mowing equipment experienced leaks at ports with SAE plugs. The plugs backed out and caused fluid to leak in yards and on golf courses.
Use Description
The old style, O-ring only SAE plugs were used to plug port openings in hydraulic valves.
The manufacturer of the hydraulic valves recommended using the socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plugs. No other changes were made.
The ZLGP Eliminated the Leaks.
The lawn care equipment manufacturer has specified that other hydraulic equipment that they purchase have ZLGP installed as the plug of choice. The manufacturer also purchases ZLGP that are used to solve any leaking port problems that may arise in the field in product produced prior to the ZLGP conversion. One case in particular, made it possible to solve the problem on site instead of shipping the valves back for repair or replacement. The ZLGP are interchangeable with the standard SAE straight thread plug which makes for a quick, easy and effective solution to what could have been a never ending cycle of leaks.