Component: Magnetic SAE J514 Plugs
Case Number: 1033
Leaking Plugs - plug & magnet profile too large
Use Description
The manufacturer serves the off-highway market and counts the Big 3 among their customers. They have used both pipe and SAE straight threaded plugs in their products over the years. Both styles had problems with leaks as well as the list of well known problems associated with the use of pipe thread plugs. Chemical sealants had also been used in the past.
The manufacturer selected the socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plug with magnet.
The change impacted several areas of the company almost immediately. First, it did not leak and that was of prime importance. Next, they didn't have to use a chemical sealant. No more manufacturing assembly mess and no more system contamination exposure. The SAE J1926 ports were ready to accept the ZLGP and the pipe thread ports were being changed to J1926 so no real re-engineering was required to put the ZLGP into their program. The socket head ZLGP had a low profile that solved some of the design problems that existed. The flush mounted magnet fit the internal design requirements. The ZLGP can be removed and installed as needed without damaging the O-ring or the threads of the ZLGP and port. The ZLGP eliminated the pipe thread problems they had been accepting. Marketing was able to point out the system improvement to their customers as a product enhancement and as an improvement over their competition.
The manufacturer has specified the use of the socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plugs of various sizes in their new products.