Component: Miscellaneous Hydraulic Components
Case Number: 1052
Leaking plugs increased safety hazards and liability exposure.
Use Description
The company designs, builds, installs, operates and maintains hydraulically operated special effects for their movies, as well as rides & special effects for their theme parks around the world. The company experienced leaks at plug locations with various types of hydraulic components. There were many applications that may have caused pollution to waterways and other environmentally sensitive areas along with the expensive cleanup costs.
One of the company’s design engineers heard of the Zero-Leak Gold Plugs and requested samples for evaluation. The ZLGP provided the desired leak-free operation. A conversion from existing J514 plugs to ZLGP was instituted during which the old-style plugs were replaced with ZLGP. They specified that ZLGP be used on new hydraulic products or components that were ordered. The company and their vendors use EPCO's website to get the latest specs on ZLGP.
There have been no reported leaks wherever Zero-Leak Gold Plugs were installed.
Some of the company’s hydraulic vendors are now using Zero-Leak Gold Plugs as standard items on their new products and as replacement parts to solve leaking plug problems with existing products in the field.