Component: Compressor
Case Number: 1018
Plugs Backing Out
Use Description
SAE J514 style plugs with chemical sealant were being used as drain / fill plugs. The chemical sealant was exposing the system to possible contamination every time the plug was removed for servicing. It was observed that the service technicians were not always cleaning the plug and the port properly before installing the plugs. It was possible for the O-ring to be damaged or nibbled through repeated opening and installing. The vibration of the operating system, supported by the pressure of the system, caused some of the plugs to back out.
Zero-Leak Gold Plugs without any chemical sealant were installed in the existing ports without any port modification. The elimination of the chemical sealant also meant that the system was ready for immediate system pressure tests when the ZLG plugs were installed instead of having to wait for the chemical sealant to cure, in some cases, for as long as four hours! The ZLG plugs are able to be removed and replaced without contaminating the system, damaging the O-ring and without damaging the threads of the ZLG plug or the port.
Zero-Leak Gold Plugs have successfully eliminated leaks at the drain/fill locations and eliminated the threat of system contamination due to chemical sealant.
Zero-Leak Gold Plugs have been produced with bleeder holes for compressor use.