Component: Fuel Cell / Power Back Up Systems
Case Number: 1016
An aluminum manifold was plumbed with both SAE J1926 straight thread and NPT tapered thread ports. Both styles of ports leaked] hydrogen.
Use Description
Hydrogen containment in aluminum manifold using the old style SAE O-ring boss and NPT tapered threaded plugs. Chemical sealant was used on the NPT plugs. The leak problem was so severe that some of the plugs were welded in place at a cost $15 each. Still had leaks. They also tried some expensive ($11.00 each), brand name, stainless steel plugs that eventually backed out. More leaks.
Installed -02 and -05 mild steel socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plugs.
No leaks have been reported. The total product was certified with the instructions from CSA (Canadian Standards Association) that if the ZLGP were replaced with another stlye, the product would have to go through certification again.
Zero-Leak Gold Plugs will be used in all future applications in order to eliminate the use of a chemical sealant and to replace fittings with unreliable sealing abilities. 62671