Discover Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs

Unlike other sealing methods, Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs combine a primary metal-to-metal seal with an independent secondary O-ring back-up seal to create the most reliable and cost-effective fluid power plug option in existence today. Check out the videos below to learn more.

Common Sealing Problems with SAE Fittings

Existing old-style, O-ring-only SAE plugs and fittings tend to leak under tough performance conditions like vibration, temperature variation and pressure spikes. But not Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs.

Robust Design

Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs provide two independent seals—a primary metal-to-metal seal and a secondary O-ring back-up seal—to guarantee Zero-Leak performance and reliability.

Port Entry Plugs

Traditional O-Ring Boss (ORB) port entry plugs may inevitably leak because of their design and the pressure exerted on their O-rings—but the O-rings for Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs act as a backup seal to the primary metal-to-metal seal.

Maximum Gap Minimization

The mechanical advantages of the taper—created by engagement of the tapers on Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs with standard SAE J1926 or metric ISO 6149 ports—result in maximum gap minimization. By replacing standard ORB SAE or metric plugs with Zero-Leak Gold Plugs, it will minimize gaps and eliminate leaks.

 Zero-Leak Gold O-Ring Pressure Test Demonstration (8,000 PSI—With O-Rings)

Even at high pressures, the Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs leverage the mechanical advantages of the taper—as the primary metal-to-metal seal and an elastomeric back-up seal move into place if needed—for Zero-Leak performance. Guaranteed!

 Zero-Leak Gold Metal-to-Metal Pressure Test Demonstration (8,000 PSI—No O-Rings)

Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs maintain an effective and reliable metal-to-metal primary seal—without the secondary seal O-rings—for the most reliable fluid power plug option today.