Drain / Fill Plug

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Component: Compressor Product: - Case Number: 1018 Read More

Problem: Plugs Backing Out

Use Description: SAE J514 style plugs with chemical sealant were being used as drain / fill plugs. The chemical sealant was exposing the system to possible contamination every time the plug was removed for servicing. It was observed that the service technicians were not always cleaning the plug and the port properly before installing the plugs. It was possible for the O-ring to be damaged or nibbled through repeated opening and installing. The vibration of the operating system, supported by the pressure of the system, caused some of the plugs to back out.

Solution: Zero-Leak Gold Plugs without any chemical sealant were installed in the existing ports without any port modification. The elimination of the chemical sealant also meant that the system was ready for immediate system pressure tests when the ZLG plugs were installed instead of having to wait for the chemical sealant to cure, in some cases, for as long as four hours! The ZLG plugs are able to be removed and replaced without contaminating the system, damaging the O-ring and without damaging the threads of the ZLG plug or the port.

Results: Zero-Leak Gold Plugs have successfully eliminated leaks at the drain / fill locations and eliminated the threat of system contamination due to chemical sealant.

Post Script: Zero-Leak Gold Plugs have been produced with bleeder holes for compressor use.

Gear Box

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Component: Magnetic SAE J514 plugs Product: - Case Number: 1033 Read More

Problem: Leaking Plugs - plug & magnet profile too large

Use Description: The manufacturer serves the off-highway market and counts the Big 3 among their customers. They have used both pipe and SAE straight threaded plugs in their products over the years. Both styles had problems with leaks as well as the list of well known problems associated with the use of pipe thread plugs. Chemical sealants had also been used in the past.

Solution: The manufacturer selected the socket head Zero-Leak Gold plug with magnet as their plug of choice.

Results: The manufacturer selected the Zero-Leak Gold socket head plug with magnet as the plug of choice for several reasons. The change impacted several areas of the company almost immediately. First, it did not leak and that was of prime importance. Next, they didn't have to use a chemical sealant. No more manufacturing assembly mess and no more system contamination exposure. The SAE J1926 ports were ready to accept the ZLGP and the pipe thread ports were being changed to J1926 so no real re-engineering was required to put the ZLGP into their program. The socket head ZLGP had a low profile that solved some of the design problems that existed. The flush mounted magnet fit the internal design requirements. The ZLGP can be removed and installed as needed without damaging the O-ring or the threads of the ZLGP and port. The ZLGP eliminated the pipe thread problems they had been accepting. Marketing was able to point out the system improvement to their customers as a product enhancement and as an improvement over their competition.

Post Script: The manufacturer has specified the use of the socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plugs of various sizes in their new products.

Hydraulic Pump

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Hydraulic Cylinder

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Component: SAE J514 Plug Product: - Case Number: 1024 Read More

Problem: Leaking Plugs

Use Description: Under development

Solution: Under development

Results: Under development

Post Script: Under development

Component: Agricultural and forestry equipment Product: - Case Number: 1025 Read More

Problem: Fluid system leaks during shipment were resulting in environmental claims from transit or customs companies. Customer disatisfaction increased. The fluid leaks were causing paint contamination which resulted in component sleeve damage.

Use Description: Plastic plugs were used in the SAE ports for sealing the cylinders during painting and shipment of the cylinders.

Solution: Installed Zero-Leak Gold socket head plugs instead of the plastic plugs.

Results: The leaks were eliminated. The ZLGP were removable as needed. Satisfied customers. No environment or clean up costs due to leaking ports.

Post Script: 62246

Component: Drain, cushion bleed plug Product: - Case Number: 1026 Read More

Problem: Old style, O-ring only SAE straight thread socket head plugs were backing out and causing leaks. Customer complaints brought the matter to a head.

Use Description: Manufacturer was applying a chemical sealant in a fruitless effort to keep the plugs from backing out.

Solution: Zero-Leak Gold socket head plugs were installed without any kind of chemical sealant. A 2-3 month evaluation confirmed that the ZLGP did not leak, nor did they require any type of chemical sealant

Results: No leaks were reported. The ZLGP could be removed and installed without any thread damage to the port of the ZLGP. The O-ring was damaged either. The low profile of the ZLGP eased some clearance problems that had existed with the thicker headed SAE plug.

Post Script: -

Component: Press, Hydraulic Product: - Case Number: 1058 Read More

Problem: Old style, O-ring only SAE J514 straight thread -12 socket head plugs were constantly backing out of the cylinders installed on hydraulic presses. The presses had to be shut down for 8 hours to service the leaking plug ports.

Use Description: The hydraulic cylnders that were used on the hydraulic presses had SAE O-ring only straight thread plugs installed. The hydraulic presses were used to produce hydroform parts for the automotive industry. High volume and continuous production are extremely important.

Solution: The SAE O-ring only plugs were removed from the cylinders and replaced with -12 socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plugs.

Results: The ZLGP did not back out. The loss of valuable production time and costly repair labor costs due to leaking plug ports have been eliminated.

Post Script: 62586


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Component: Airport Ground Support Product: Hydraulic System Case Number: 1009 Read More

Problem: Old style O-ring only SAE straight thread plugs had backed out of a manifold in some equipment at a military airport. The customer wanted it repaired and didn't want it to happen again. The fluid leaks on the equipment and floor were creating a dangerous safety problem and a environmental hazard. The exposed portion of the O-ring was to be spray painted and this was not a desired situation as far as O-ring life was concerned.

Use Description: Company produces hydraulic systems for airport ground support systems such as cherry pickers, lift equipment, etc. Leaks are supposed to be non-existant.

Solution: Installed -04 and -06 Zero-Leak Gold socket head plugs. The metal to metal is the primary seal. The O-ring back up in located below the taper under the head of the ZLGP and therefore was not exposed to any paint. Both of the ZLGP seals are internal to the port.

Results: The ZLGP do not back out. The potential safety and environmental situations that had been a threat were removed.

Post Script: -

Component: Manifold, NPT Product: - Case Number: 1037 Read More

Problem: NPT plugs had been used and leaks were evident.

Use Description: Had been using NPT plugs for years because they always have and everybody uses them too. The NPT plugs were meant to be used for one time installation, but repeated removal and reinstallation was resulting in leaking ports and scrapped manifolds due to stripped port threads.

Solution: A decision to install socket head -02 and -04 Zero-Leak Gold Plugs was made after a customer complained of leaks and manifold damage.

Results: All new manifolds are being offered with Zero-Leak Gold Plugs instead of NPT.

Post Script: 62066

Component: Permanent/expanding type plugs Product: - Case Number: 1042 Read More

Problem: Improper installation presents potential liability

Use Description: Certain ports in manifolds are required to be sealed. Various types of permanent or expansion type plugs are used. The success of them obtaining a proper seal is dependent in part on the correct installation process and did not leave much room for operator error or faulting installation. If the plugs are not installed properly, it may be possible that once pressure is introduced into the system that sooner or later the seal may fail and release the sealing device with all the force of the pressure it attempted to contain. System failure, equipment damage or personal injury were distinct possiblities with the accompanying liability claims.

It was also noted that when this type of plug was used it was not always possible to throughly flush a manifold during the cleaning process because of residue or particle build up in the interior cavity of the port below the plug.

Solution: The -02 socket head Zero-Leak Gold Plug has been installed for this application. The Zero-Leak Gold Plug fits in the standard SAE -02 port. Operator error has been eliminated and the Zero-Leak Gold Plug will not leak. It may be removed when it is necessary to completely flush the manifold. The Zero-Leak Gold Plug may then be re-installed without damage to the O-ring on the plug nor to the threads of the port or the Zero-Leak Gold Plug. No chemical sealants are required and therefore any system contamination potential is eliminated.

Results: Safer more reliable seals are made and the manifolds may be cleaned properly as needed.

Post Script: -

Component: SAE J514 Plug Product: - Case Number: 1043 Read More

Problem: Leaks Due to SAE Plugs Backing Out

Use Description: SAE J514 plugs were being used to close off ports that were not part of various design applications. Many end users had high vibration and pressure spike operating conditions causing the plugs to back out. Since the manifolds were not always readily accessible for repair, fixing the leak was costly and time consuming. It was especially troublesome because if the plugs backed out once, there was no assurance that they would not back out again. The use of chemical sealant was not the answer either. Not only would there still be leaks, but the possibility of system contamination was always present.

Solution: Zero-Leak Gold Plugs were used instead of the SAE J514 plugs.

Results: The leaks and possible system contamination problems have been eliminated. The total cost associated with the plugs has been reduced. The customer can now replace any formerly used plugs that may be causing leak problems in the field with the ZLGP by simply removing the leaking plug and putting in the ZLGP.

EPCO's excellent ZLGP shipping record has enabled the producers to reduce their overall plug inventory that had previously been necessary to protect them from their suppliers' long lead times or outages.

Post Script: Additional manifold manufacturers are using ZLGP for both performance and competitive reasons. Several of the manifold producers' customers have requested that suppliers of other hydraulic components incorporate ZLGP into their products.

Some manifold producers that make hydraulic components that are used in their manifolds are evaluating the ZLG design for those components to stop the leak and backing out problems traditionally associated with those kinds of products. The resulting new products are expected to be introduced soon.

Component: Manufacturer, Sheet Metal Product: - Case Number: 1044 Read More

Problem: The old style O-ring only plugs in a manifold on a hydraulic press were backing out. The plugs had been retorqued three different times and a leak rate of 3 gallons per hour was being reported when EPCO was contacted. It was apparent that the O-rings were being damaged in this environment.

Use Description: Plugs were being used in a typical manifold application in association with hydraulic press operation.

Solution: Once the basics of the Zero-Leak Gold Plug multiple seals and zero leak performance were explained, a purchase order was issued for -06 and -08 socket head ZLGP with the following shipping instructions: "I don't care, just get them to me".

Results: The ZLGP were installed as replacements for the exisitng SAE style plugs. It was apparent that the unique design of the ZLGP protected the O-ring back up seal from being damaged. The installer indicated that the drip pans should have been full two weeks after the ZLGP were in place, but there's no oil in the drip pans. "We're calling it a success".

Post Script: The producer of their manifolds has been instructed to use ZLGP in all future manifolds supplied.


Component: Power Generation Product: - Case Number: 1057 Read More

Problem: NPT and SAE plugs were being used on aluminum manifolds. Both styles were leaking to the point that some were being welded in an attempt to prevent the leaking. It was desirable to have a low profile for the plugs.

Use Description: The plugs were used in manifolds that contained hydrogen.

Solution: -

Results: -

Post Script: 62671


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Component: Manifold / Valve Plate Product: - Case Number: 1056 Read More

Problem: The assembly component was experiencing failures due to the sealant flaking loose when the plug is removed. The flakes would travel through the pneumatic system causing it to fail.

Use Description: Screws with sealant were being used to hold manifold plates together. When too much torque was used the valve plates were distorted. They loosened up when too little was used.

Solution: A shorter version of the -02 aluminum Zero-Leak Gold Plug was installed without any sealant.

Results: It is now possible to remove and reinstall repeatedly without any report of system failures as had been reported. Warranty expense has been reduced and customer satisfaction has been enhanced.

Post Script: 61976