Zero-Leak Gold® Plug Standard Materials*

Standard SAE and Metric style Zero-Leak Gold Plugs are available in three material choices to meet most pressure rating, application and environment requirements. Other machinable materials may be produced upon request.

Mild Steel (12L14)

Used in the Zero-Leak Gold Plug standard SAE and Metric Socket or Hex Head product line and represents the material of choice for most plug applications. The standard plating is zinc and is available in either gold or clear. Show Material Specs

12L14 Steel Chemical Composition %

Iron, Fe
97.91 - 98.7

Manganese, Mn
0.85 - 1.15

Sulfur, S
0.260 - 0.35

Lead, Pb
0.15 - 0.35

Carbon, C
0.15 Max.

Phosphorous, P
0.040 - 0.090

Tensile Strength
78,300 psi

Yield Strength
60,200 psi

Hardness, Brinell

Stainless Steel (316 Series)

Stainless Steel SAE and Metric socket or hex head ZLGP are stock or may be produced. All Stainless Steel ZLGP are passivated. Show Material Specs

316 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition %

Carbon, C
0.08 Max.

Manganese, Mn
2.0 Max.

Sulfur, S
0.03 Min.

Nickel, Ni
10 - 14

Chromium, Cr
16 - 18

Phosphorous, P
0.045 Max.

Silicone, Si
1 Max.

Molybdenium, Mo
2 - 3

Iron, Fe

Tensile Strength
90,000 psi

Yield Strength
60,200 psi

Hardness, Rockwell

Aluminum (6000 Series)

Aluminum SAE and Metric style socket or hex head ZLGP are stock or may be produced. The standard Aluminum ZLGP are gold anodized.Clear, black and red are available by special order. Show Material Specs

Aluminum Alloy Chemical Composition %

Contact EPCO for the applicable aluminum series type for the specific aluminum Zero-Leak Gold Plug of interest.

* EPCO certifies that no hazardous materials are used in the cleaning, pre-treating, coating,
  finishing and sealing for these substrates (Mild Steel, Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum).