Helpful information to assist with Zero-Leak Gold Plug Applications

The Zero-Leak Gold Plug fitting employ a very simple, geometry reliant, sophisticated method of sealing.

Zero-Leak Gold has two seals. The first seal is a metal-to-metal seal created by the engagement of a taper, which is part of the SAE J1926 or ISO 6149 O-ring straight ports, and a mating taper that is part of the ZLG fitting design.

The engagement of the two tapers utilizes the mechanical advantages of a taper, much like Morse Taper. The engagement of several thousands of an inch creates maximum gap minimization and high unit loading. The engagement also causes the removal torque to be greater than the insertion torque. This relationship was documented in the Fluid Power Institute tests conducted at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

The second seal is an elastomeric that is located under the taper in the ZLG Fitting. The cross sectional area of the O-ring is less than the cross sectional area in which it rests. The O-ring is only called upon to act as the backup seal should there be a failure with the primary seal. The Zero-Leak Gold O-ring cannot be extruded onto the spot face of the port nor forced into the interface of the threads of the plug or port where it could be nibbled or damaged.