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Q4 | 2015

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Zero-In E-Newsletter, EPCO's newsletter which provides you the news and views from Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs and their use in the marketplace to eliminate the problems associated with fluid power leaks in hydraulic and other fluid power applications.

Zero-Leak Gold Plugs  are not "virtually leak-free." They are leak fee, guaranteed! And they are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. So if you're having problems with unsightly or costly fluid power leaks, Zero-Leak Gold Plugs may be your answer.  They won't back out, even in vibration and temperature or pressure spike situations. And they perform better than standard SAE J514 or metric straight thread plugs. If you click on the link you'll see why for yourself.  The secret lies in the fact the Zero-Leak Gold Plugs have 2 Seals... a primary metal-to-metal seal and an elastomeric back up seal.

Every day we receive inquiries from Engineers looking for opportunities to improve performance and upgrade current ORB that are not performing or for opportunities to upgrade from NPT plugs.  Zero-In will bring you vital information from our experiences helping OEMs, Engineers and others eliminate the problems associated with leaking ORB and NPT plugs in hydraulic manifolds, pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, reservoirs and various fluid power components to improve product performance and enhance customer satisfaction.  Over the years we have compiled an extensive list of customer applications and testimonials based on the number of industries Zero-Leak Gold Plugs are being utilized with success.

Zero-In will bring you vital information and share our experiences in order to help improve product performance in your industry.  The proven performance of Zero-Leak Gold Plugs is available wherever standard SAE ORB straight thread plugs are being used.  The first edition includes the introduction of the results from the most recent Zero-Leak Gold Burst Pressure Evaluation Project #52224 that was conducted at the Fluid Power Institute located at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.   EPCO wanted to determine more accurately the burst pressures of the larger and smaller plug sizes that were not originally included in the earlier Zero-Leak Gold Plug tests conducted by the Fluid Power Institute. The results were pretty astounding and speak for themselves especially in comparison to the standard SAE plugs that are still used in some fluid power applications today.   Hopefully you will find the data both informational and useful in existing and future applications when considering Zero-Leak Gold Plugs for use.

There have been many updates made to the Zero-Leak Gold Website which should help to locate valuable data and specification which should make it easier to qualify Zero-Leak Gold Plug in your plug applications.

We will continue to bring helpful product information along with real world examples of how Zero-Leak Gold Plug are helping to eliminate fluid power leaks. Please share your feedback with us along with experience working with Zero-Leak Gold Plugs at info@zeroleak.com.  We are looking forward to hearring from you!

Also, if you have not tried Zero-Leak Gold Plugs and haven't experienced the benefits...why not request free samples of Zero-Leak Gold Plugs? I'll be glad to send them to you.  Other than fluid power leaks..what have you got to lose?

Jon Aichele
Vice President - Sales & Marketing


Project #52224

Burst Testing of Mild Steel (12L14) Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs

Report Content:
Higher pressures and expanded size range to include larger plug sizes and smallest SAE style ZLG Plugs.

The Zero-Leak Gold product line of EPCO Products, Inc., a Fort Wayne, IN based company, is a revolutionary line of plugs and fittings. The fittings developed a zero leak seal at lower assembly torque values than their SAE counterparts. EPCO wanted to determine more accurately the burst pressures of the larger and smaller plug sizes that were not originally included in the earlier Zero-Leak Gold Plug tests conducted by the Fluid Power Institute. EPCO wanted confirmation of these values under accepted industry practices and established measuring methods.
EPCO contacted the Fluid Power Institute (FPI) located at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) to perform a burst test at two installation torque values on Zero-Leak Gold Plugs (ZLGP) per ISO 1436-1:2001 standard for hydrostatic pressure testing to failure. Supplied specimens were installed in two different strength manifolds of Ductile Iron material [D654512 & D805506] provided by Daman Products Company and (6 each) ZLGP of the following SAE dash sizes:
ZLGP Plug Sizes Tested: -00, -01, -02, -04, -06, -10, -12, -16, -24, -32

Project Scope:
Evaluation by the FPI determined the maximum pressure that each specimen could withstand before it would no longer contain the fluid. This defines a failure.

Need a copy of the Report?
Click below to request a copy of the ZLGP Burst Pressure Evaluation Report. info@zeroleak.com

Not sure if Zero-Leak Gold Plugs can work for your applications? Check out each issue's case study for a real-life look at how Zero-Leak Gold Plugs can solve problems for your customers.
Case Study:

The Case of the Bulky Manifold

INDUSTRY - Agricultural
COMPONENT- Manifold and SAE J514 Plug
PROBLEM: Leaks, environmental liability exposure, maintenance and production issues.

An agricultural implement manufacturer makes a piece of equipment that requires one manifold to be stacked on top of another. There are several ports in the manifolds that aren't part of the design application and must be plugged.

Standard SAE J514 straight thread plugs presented various problems. Pressure spikes in the system were forcing the standard SAE ORB plugs to back out causing hydraulic hydraulic fluid leaks. Fluid reaching the soil was unacceptable from operational, environmental and liability standpoints, as well as being unsightly and messy.  The height of the system and the high profile of the head of the SAE J514 ORB plug were other problems.  Once the system was placed in its designated area, size restrictions required that the top of the bottom manifold port be counter-bored more to lower the external profile of the thick head of the SAE J514 ORB plug. Furthermore, the bottom of the top manifold had to be recessed at designated points to accommodate the thicker head of the old style O-ring only plug installed in the manifold below. Problems like these were increasing maintenance, production and environmental liability costs so they called on Zero-Leak Gold Plugs for a solution.

Their Solution:
Replaced current plugs with Zero-Leak Gold Socket Head Plugs
When Zero-Leak Gold Socket Head Plugs were installed, the leaks were eliminated as was environmental liability exposure. Soil integrity has been preserved and unsightly hydraulic fluid on the equipment is not longer an issue.  Manifolds don't need to be taken apart to replace leaking plugs, thereby greatly reducing the maintenance costs and time. The low profile of Zero-Leak Socket Head Plug eliminated the deep counter bore on the bottom of the top manifold which resulted in reduced manufacturing costs.

Have a Case History you'd like to share...we want to hear about it!  Please submit Zero-Leak Gold Plug success stories to info@zeroleak.com.

Here's Why Zero-Leak Gold Plugs won't leak.

Zero-Leak Gold Plugs
Provide No-Leak Universal Use in either SAE J1926 or Metric ISO 6149 Straight Thread Port Applications. Available in:
  • Hex and socket head plugs sizes -00 through -32.
  • Both SAE and Metric Sizes
  • Magnetic hex and socket head plugs
  • Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Zero-Leak Gold Website
We have updated the Website to make it more user friendly and have added the following enhancements.
  • Fluid Power Institute test Reports of Zero-Leak Gold Plugs
  • Proof, Burst and Endurance Testing Results.
  • Zero-Leak Gold Plug Sizes / Specifications
  • Zero-Leak Gold Plug Troubleshooting Procedures
Visit the Zero-Leak Gold Website for Case Histories, Product Specifications, Engineering Packet Requests....www.zeroleak.com. 
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