Helpful Zero-Leak Gold® Plug information

Zero-Leak Gold Dedicated Customer Service – EPCO can respond to meet your production requirements. EPCO accepts spot purchase orders and blanket orders with releases to meet your production requirements and respond to the ever changing demands of the marketplace.

Need to order Zero-Leak Gold Plugs? EPCO has a Kan Ban inventory in both SAE and Metric plug sizes to meet production requirements. Express shipping is available and most sizes are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. New to Zero-Leak Gold Plugs? Contact EPCO to request information on how to select the Zero-Leak Gold Plug and O-ring for your specific application.

Zero-Leak Gold Plug have been featured in several hydraulic publications as a solution to leak problems associated with failing plugs. Below is a selection of recent publications featuring fitting performance, fitting types, sealing methods and leak problems that are prevalent within hydraulic systems. There are also leak elimination and prevention discussions.