Zero-Leak Gold® Sight Glass Plugs

Zero-Leak Gold Sight Glass Plugs

This Zero-Leak Gold product was developed after hearing complaints of leaking plug style sight glasses made by other companies. So we applied the same zero-leak technology used in our plugs to ZLG Sight Glasses.

Zero-Leak Gold Sight Glass Plug Advantages

ZLG Sight Glasses offer these advantages over standard sight glass plugs.

  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • No chemical sealant required there by eliminating risk of fluid contamination during removal and reinsertion
  • Able to be resealed repeatedly without loss of effectiveness
  • Resealing will not damage plug or port threads

Zero-Leak Gold Sight Glasses Individual Design

ZLG Sight Glasses are produced from the standard SAE and Metric style hex head ZLGP configurations. To order a custom design for your application, please provide the following information:

  • The ZLG hex head plug size
  • The liquid being contained
  • The operating temperature range
  • The pressures involved
  • The O-ring material
  • Any special finish requirements

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