Zero-Leak Gold® Straight Port Entry Fitting

Replace your standard SAE J514 straight thread fittings, Zero-Leak Gold Fittings, and fluid leaks are a problem of the past. Zero-Leak Gold Fittings feature a taper under the hex of the fitting that forms a metal-to-metal seal with the taper in the port. A seal that, in conjunction with the secondary elastomeric seal, outperforms any standard straight thread fitting.

Zero-Leak Gold Fittings are fully interchangeable with standard SAE J514 straight thread fittings for use in the SAE J1926 port. They're easily assembled with standard tools and methods and feature full 360 degree fitting orientation. Compare Zero-Leak Gold Fittings and you'll see that there is no more reliable and cost effective product available.

Zero-Leak Gold Fittings are also available with JIC and/or ORFS configurations.

Specification drawing of the Zero-Leak Gold Fitting.
Comparison of Zero-Leak Gold to SAE J514 Sealing Methods.

Lifetime Guarantee

EPCO warrants that Zero-Leak Gold Fittings will not leak for the lifetime of the product. This guarantee is limited to product replacement only, and does not apply to any non-Zero-Leak Gold or SAE part of the fitting. Contact EPCO for details and limitations on this guarantee resulting from mistreatment.

Features Zero-Leak Gold Fitting Standard SAE Straight Thread Fitting
Leak proof sealing yes "virtually"
Primary seal metal to metal O-ring forced into port
Backup seal elastometric none
Effective against leaks that may be caused by vibration, temperature changes and/or pressure spikes yes "not exactly"
Chemical sealant required no in some cases
Reseals repeatedly without loss of effectiveness yes "not exactly"
Backs out due to vibration no in some cases
Guaranteed leak free yes no

Design Note

Zero-Leak Gold Fittings are interchangable with standard straight thread SAE J514 fittings. Thanks to their exclusive design features, Zero-Leak Gold Fittings provide no weep/leak performance unmatched by any other SAE straight thread fitting currently available.

Standard SAE fitting design

A standard SAE J1926 port consists of a straight female thread with a taper at the outer end (12° or 15° depending on size). This taper is fully occupied by the O-ring (of relatively large cross section) backed against a shoulder perpendicular to the axis of the fitting. This shoulder is forced against the face of the port in an attempt to compress the O-ring into the taper of the port. The O-ring essentially acts as a gasket. In this situation, any linear (axial) gap created by the pressurization of the fitting represents a possible escape route for extrusion of the O-ring and a potential leak path.

The Zero-Leak Gold Fitting difference

Zero-Leak Gold Fittings make more efficient use of the taper in the port than standard SAE straight thread fittings -- instead of just compressing an O-ring into it, it forms a reliable metal-to-metal primary seal with an elastometric back-up seal.

Every Zero-Leak Gold Fitting features a metallic taper under the hex of the fitting. It is designed to engage in approximately the first 0.025" of the taper of the port. An O-ring smaller than the ones used on standard SAE or ISO fittings is located in front of the intrusion. This O-ring occupies less cross-sectional area than the cross sectional area of the recess below the taper remaining in front of the intruding portion. Therefore, the O-ring is not compressed nor can it be nibbled or extrusions.

Zero-Leak Gold Port Entry Fittings Product Specifications
Tube Size Thread UN 2A Angle
-02 5/16-24 12°
-03 3/8-24 12°
-04 7/16-20 12°
-05 1/2-20 12°
-06 9/16-18 12°
-08 3/4-16 15°
-10 7/8-14 15°
-12 1 1/16-12 15°
-16 1 5/16-12 15°
-20 1 5/8-12 15°
-24 1 7/8-12 15°
-32 2 1/2-12 15°

The ZLG design provides several substantial benefits:

  • The metallic taper works as a wedge in the assembly process. This increases the integrity of the assembly and massively increases the unit loading of the two sealing surfaces
  • The taper in Zero-Leak Gold Fittings forms a metal-to-metal seal, with the O-ring acting as a back-up seal provides maximum gap minimization.
  • Any gap which may occur due to excessive pressurization of the fitting is minimized by the geometry of the tapers

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