Zero-Leak Gold® Products

The Zero-Leak Gold Plug family consists of a broad selection of products in both SAE and Metric straight thread O-ring boss configuration produced using mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Zero-Leak Gold Plugs

  • SAE and Metric Zero-Leak Gold Plug are available in both
    internal and external hex head styles.
  • SAE and Metric Zero-Leak Gold Magnet Plugs for metal removal applications.
  • Zero-Leak Gold external hex head for sight glass applications.
  • Zero-Leak Gold Plugs can be custom made to the provide the required thread size, type, drive method, material, finish, etc...

Zero-Leak Gold Fittings

Zero-Leak Gold JIC and ORFS fittings

Zero-Leak Gold Banjo fittings are custom engineered
to the unique specification of the application involved.

ZLG Products

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