United States Senate Productivity Award

The medallion pictured at the right is the United States Senate Productivity Award. Created by an act of Congress in 1982, the award is given by U.S. Senators to the company in their state that has shown the greatest increase in productivity, to companies that have shown their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, and to companies that serve as an example to those who say that America can't compete anymore.

In 1988, former Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana presented the U.S. Senate Productivity Award to EPCO Products.

We're justifiably proud of the people and the programs that helped us achieve this recognition. Our innovative Gain Sharing Program has not only made our employees more involved, it has resulted in better quality products and faster shipping times. We gave our people control of their own production rates, and they responded with quicker turn-around on orders. We asked them to take responsibility for quality work and, using first part approval and Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems, they reduced an already enviable scrap-to-sales ratio even further.

We asked our people to prove that they care about their work, and they did. As Senator Quayle said in presenting the award, "A machine can only do so much. Capital can only do so much. What makes the difference is people who have confidence in themselves and their abilities."

“A machine can only do so much. Capital can only do so much. What makes the difference is people who have confidence in themselves and their abilities.”
U.S. Senator Dan Quayle, 3-8-88

It's always a pleasure to have your work recognized, but we at EPCO want you to know that we didn't improve our workmanship just to win an award. We did it to better serve our customers with better products.

And we don't intend to rest and let this award stand as our finest hour. We consider the award a benchmark from which to improve and grow.

Congratulations to all our employees, and thank you to all the valued customers who helped us reach our goals.

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OEMmie Award

(Right) Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Aichele with the OEMmie presented at Houston Spaceflight Center.

Independent judges for OEM Off-Highway Magazine awarded 20 products OEMmies; it is the fifth year that these symbols of excellence have been presented. Each product represents a modern innovation in engineering (the "mie" in OEMmie). Winners are invited to a special awards ceremony at the Houston Spaceflight Center on October 6, 1997.

Judges select products that they believe influence the off-highway market by advancing the state of the art, providing unique solutions of OEMs or increasing equipment performance. The product should also demonstrate functional innovation.

Products are eligible for OEMmie consideration after they have appeared in OEM Off-Highway. This year's judges selected from the best of more than 1,000 products submitted to this magazine. The judging team included Henry Stoll, Northwestern University; Gene Malinowski, Ohio State University; Minash Shaw, Purdue University; Dan Stutts, University of Missouri - Rolla; and David Rutherford from Zamboni & Co.

The OEM Off-Highway OEMmies have been adopted by sister publications Equipment Today, Farm Equipment, PRO, Yard & Garden, Rental Product News and Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction. Judges for these Johnson Hill Press publications named additional best-in-category products for their respective publications; these bring the OEMmie total to 52.