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Case Histories
Industry Component Problem  
ATV - Track Utility Vehicles Wheel & Axle Housings - Aluminum Leaking plugs in aluminum oil case would cause the system to go dry damaging the bearings and ... Read It
Accumulator, Hydraulic Coupler The existing accumulator coupler has two different sized SAE (-24 and -32) threaded ends with O-... Read It
Aerospace Manifold - Stainless Steel The SAE J514 plugs had been known to back out in cross hole applications. The reulting leaks could ... Read It
Aerospace Manifold, hydraulic A manifold producer to the aerospace industry had discovered that the old style, o-ring only ORB ... Read It
Aerospace - NASA Manifold It was determined that the ports in the nickel plated manifolds being supplied to NASA had to have ... Read It
Agricultural Manifold and SAE J514 plug Leaks, environmental liability, maintenance and production issues. Read It
Agricultural Hydraulic valve blocks and cylinders The manufacturer had been using NPT plugs with a chemical sealant. Leakage was being reported. The... Read It
Agricultural - Tractor Transmission Drain / Fill Metric Magnetic Plug This top 3 manufacturer was using standard metric straight thread plugs that were backing out and ... Read It
Agriculture Cylinder, hydraulic Hex head NPT plug ports were reported leaking. The use of a chemical sealant in an attempt to ... Read It
Airport Ground Support Manifold Old style o-ring only SAE straight thread plugs had backed out of a manifold in some equipment at a ... Read It
Automotive Oil line manifold block New Product. Past experience with the SAE ORB o-ring exposure resulting in o-ring decay and ... Read It
Automotive Air compressor for suspension NPT plugs were being installed with a chemical sealant. It was felt that it was possible for the ... Read It
Automotive Plastic Injection Mold NPT plugs were leaking. Read It
Automotive / Truck Exhaust manifold plug The NPT plugs were leaking in the exhaust manifolds. Read It
Aviation Filter, Hydraulic The old style, o-ring only SAE plugs were observed backing out of test stands used on a previous ... Read It
Axle - Forklift SAE plugs - regular and magnetic O-ring only style plugs backed out in operation Read It
Communications Fuel Cell / Power Back Up Systems An aluminum manifold was plumbed with both SAE J1926 straight thread and NPT tapered thread ports. ... Read It
Compactors - Landfill Gage port o-ring only SAE plugs Plugs back out Read It
Compressor Drain / Fill Plug - J514 Plugs Backing Out Read It
Construction Oil drum NPT plug The NPT plug on an oil drum was leaking after backing out which was caused by the vibration created ... Read It
Construction Equipment Manifold Old style, o-ring only SAE J514 plugs were reported leaking due to the deteriation of the o-ring ... Read It
Construction Equipment Cylinder - Hydraulic It was determined that a low profile and less expensive plug would better suit this particular ... Read It
Construction Equipment Oil Pan - Drain Plug The plugs in both of the oil drain pan differtial loosen due to vibration. The resulting leaks ... Read It
Custom hydraulic equipment SAE J514 style socket head plug A locking chemical sealant was locking too many components. Read It
Cylinder, Hydraulic SAE J514 Plug Leaking Plugs Read It
Cylinder, Hydraulic Agricultural and forestry equipment Fluid system leaks during shipment were resulting in environmental claims from transit or customs ... Read It
Cylinder, Hydraulic Drain, cushion bleed plug Old style, o-ring only SAE straight thread socket head plugs were backing out and causing leaks. ... Read It
Defense - US Military Read It
Dental Equipment Dentist Chair Air pressure and water leaks. Loss of air pressure affects drill speed. Do not want water leaks to... Read It
Diesel Engine Oil Pan Drain Plug Plugs backing out. Read It
Engine - Heavy Duty Military Vehicle Oil pan drain plug Oil drain plugs were leaking in military vehicles with all the imaginable consequences. Read It
Engine Crankshaft - to 6,000 HP for ships & locomotives NPT lubrication port plug Threads collapse and the NPT plug backs out Read It
Forestry Directional Control Valve SAE, old style, o-ring only -10 plugs leak due to deterioration and diestruction of the o-rings ... Read It
Fork Lift Steering and lift mast Old style o-ring only SAE plugs and JIC fittings were backing out in GPS guided fork lifts used in a... Read It
Gear Box Magnetic SAE J514 plugs Leaking Plugs - plug & magnet profile too large Read It
Gear Box - Off Road SAE o-ring only style drain plug on SAE o-ring only drain plugs were backing out and causing leaks. The drain plug is located in a ... Read It
Glass Bottle Forming Hydraulic Cylinder - Bleed & Fill Plug A specially configured SAE O-ring only plug was backing out on the hydraulic cylinder causing fluid ... Read It
Heat Exchanger - Trucks Custom plug The customer of the heat exchange manufacturer was concerned about the SAE o-ring only plug leaking ... Read It
Hydraulic Manifold NPT plugs had been used and leaks were evident. Read It
Injection Molding - Die Cast Parts Filter, Hydraulic NPT plugs were being used in the servo-valves. The NPT plugs were leaking even though they were ... Read It
Lawn Care / Mowing Equipment Valve, hydraulic The hydraulic valves supplied to the manufacturer of lawn care / mowing equipment were experiencing ... Read It
Logging O-ring only SAE plugs Vibration caused plugs to back out. Read It
Machine Tool Manifold Old style SAE o-ring only plugs backing out Read It
Manifold Permanent / Expanding type plugs Improper installation presents potential liability Read It
Manifold SAE J514 Plug Leaks Due to SAE Plugs Backing Out Read It
Manufacturer, Sheet Metal Manifold The old style o-ring only plugs in a manifold on a hydraulic press were backing out. The plugs had ... Read It
Material Handling Equipment Hydraulic Pump Old style, o-ring only SAE plugs were backing out in operation. The resulting leaks caused ... Read It
Medical Manifold, Plastic The high installation torque requirement of the old style, o-ring only SAE plugs was causing port ... Read It
Medical Equipment Hydraulic cylinder Producer of OEM medical equipment for skin treatment. System involved a refrigerant charged ... Read It
Military - hydraulic SAE o-ring only plug Current o-ring only plugs were leaking. Read It
Minesweepers - US Military Old style SAE plug Plugs backing out of manifolds and caused leaks Read It
Mining Drill bit / bearing grease NPT plugs would back or their threads were stripped due to 90,000# of load with impact loads up to 2... Read It
Motorcycle SAE J514 plug for a case Plugs backed out and leaked. Read It
Movies / TV Special Effects - Theme Park Rides / Effects Miscellaneous Hydraulic Components Leaking Plugs Increased Safety Hazards & Liability Exposure Read It
Oil Drilling Down Hole Tool NPT style plugs leaked due to being removed and installed repeatedly. The threads became worn. ... Read It
Oil Drilling Equipment Fill Valve Body - Submersable Motor The lead (soft metal) gasket on the motor housing failed and caused a leak in the motor housing. Read It
Paving Equipment Manifold plug port leaking An internationally known paving equipment company was observing the o-rings on the old style, o-ring... Read It
Pneumatics Manifold / Valve Plate The assembly component was experiencing failures due to the sealant flaking loose when the plug is... Read It
Power Generation Manifold - aluminum NPT and SAE plugs were being used on aluminum manifolds. Both styles were leaking to the point ... Read It
Press, Hydraulic Hydraulic cylinder Old style, o-ring only SAE J514 straight thread -12 socket head plugs were constantly backing out of... Read It
Printing Rotary Die Metal shavings were damaging the die. Read It
Racing Engine Components The plugs that were being used on the racing engines had a high profile that created close areas ... Read It
Racing Racing Shocks The NPT plugs that were being used required that a Teflon material be applied to the threads. This ... Read It
Racing Oil Pan Drain / Fill Plugs The manager of the company called seeking a product improvement for the race car oil pan drain plug... Read It
Railroad NPT Plug The manufacturer of hydraulic / electronic components for the railroad industry was using NPT plugs ... Read It
Sailing Vessels, Commercial / Pleasure Sail Riggings, Hydraulic Old style, o-ring only SAE and NPT plugs were backing out of hydraulic cylinders used for sail ... Read It
Sewer Cleaning Equipment SAE o-ring only style plug Vibration caused plug to back out completely ceasing effectiveness of equipment Read It
Skid Steer Loader Drive Motor - Hydraulic The fill / drain SAE J514 plug used by an overseas location of an international company was backing ... Read It
Sprayers - Commercial Tank, hydraulic The ports in the hydraulic tanks are ported with 1/4 NPT threads and leaks were being reported when ... Read It
Steel Mill Roller Pipe The SAE straight thread with O-ring roller pipe would back out and let water escape. This caused ... Read It
Street Sweeper Manifolds SAE plugs were backing out of the manifold causing leaks Read It
Submarines - Under water vehicle Hydraulic system Plugs were backing out and causing leaks causing concern for system failure, environmental problems... Read It
Telecommunications / Military Moisture removal equipment Specific problem is unknown at this time, but it is believed that a quest for product improvement ... Read It
Transmission - Automotive & Truck Old style o-ring plug Aside from the plugs backing out, pieces of damaged o-rings were falling into the transmission. ... Read It
Transmission, Heavy Duty Truck Drain / fill plug - square male drive The SAE straight thread plugs with a chemical sealant that were being used leaked and the system was... Read It
Transmission, Heavy Duty Truck Drain / Fill Plug - J514 Regular & Magnetic Styles Leaking Plugs = Blown Transmissions = Warranty Expense Read It
Transmission, Heavy Duty Truck Drain / fill plug Legislation has mandated that the Heavy Duty truck engines are to be more fuel efficient, have lower... Read It
Trench Plows - Ocean cable laying equipment SAE plug Vibration caused plugs to loosen and back out. Read It
Unknown Hydraulic Pump A -32 SAE socket plug was backing out and causing leaks. Read It
Utility - Electrical Insulated Bus Piplines NPT plugs were being used in an attempt to seal bus lines that are insulated with SF6, a green house... Read It
Wind Farms - Electricity Generation Manifold Leaking Manifolds = Expensive Maintenance Conditions / EPA Concerns Read It
Work Holding Devices, Hydraulic SAE plug Vibration caused plug to back out Read It
Wrenches, Hydraulic NPT plugs / expansion plugs NPT plugs were backing out causing leaks and clean up problems. Had tried expansion plugs but were ... Read It

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